You were excellent. Thank you for your extreme patience and wealth of SAP knowledge.
"Excellent Instructor. Kept class interesting and moving."
"Our instructor: His sense of humor made what may have been a drab course, sort of fun."
"Instructor did a great job in keeping the class interesting. He has a great grasp on the subject."
"Hope once again this instructor Surya would teach future classes."
"Surya did an excellent job with pace of the course. Not too slow, not too fast, just right!"
"Surya was excellent. No complaints. Great pace. Kept class upbeat and made all students feel very comfortable."

"Surya was very willing to answer questions and dedicated to making sure we all learned the material."

"Excellent and would like to have him for the rest of the week."

"Great! Surya is the man."

"Instructor is very knowledgeable and has a good style of teaching."

"Surya was a great instructor. He did an excellent job."

"Because of Surya’s training I am well on my way to being a 'darn good consultant.'"

"Instructor knows the material well, very knowledgeable about the subject matter."

"Good learning environment. Instructor was very easy to talk to and also understanding a student point of view rather
than a teacher which made us think a lot of times and learn."

"Surya was energetic, knowledgeable and had patience in explaining accounting concepts and SAP processes. "

"Surya did an amazing job with this course."

"The most positive aspect of the training experience was Surya."

"Instructor was very prepared, highly energetic, rapport developed quickly."

"Surya is best instructor I have got training from. He has the perfect way to deliver the knowledge."

"Instructor is highly knowledgeable, and willingly shares knowledge."

"Great delivery. Presented material in an easy to understand way. Clear and good examples."